Today is


Date Event Description
Thu May 28 7:45 pm Mincha
Thu May 28 8:15 pm Arvit Arvit first night of Shavuot
Fri May 29 1:15 am Learning
Classes and lectures all night. There will be classes in English, Hebrew and Spanish at Torch and Torah Vachesed. Click Here for more information:
Fri May 29 5:10 am Shacharit / 1st. Day of Shavuot Shacharit of first day of Shavuot, followed by Torah reading (Ten Commandments) and Mussaf
Fri May 29 7:30 pm Mincha / Arvit
Mincha followed by Kabbalat Shabbat and Arvit
Sat May 30 8:40 am Shacharit / 2nd. Day of Shavuot
Shacharit of second day of Shavout
Sat May 30 9:50 am Torah Reading
Opening of the Ark and Torah Reading
Sat May 30 11:00 am Musaf
Sat May 30 7:40 pm Mincha and Arvit
Mincha followed by Tehilim and Arvit
Sat May 30 9:00 pm Shavout Ends Holiday Ends.