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Come join us for an evening of learning with Rabbi Yaghobian.

Weekday Time Class
Monday 8:15 pm Weekly Parasha by Rabbi Yaghobian
Wednesday 9:30 pm Musar at Mor Izhaki 8709 Robindell Dr Houston, TX 77074
Monday 7:30 pm Halachos Bas Israel by Penina Lenga (women only) at Lenga home.
Tuesday 8:00 pm Laws of Shabbat by Asher Lenga
Wednesday 8:00 pm Horeb - Rational of Mitzvot by Rabbi Yaghobian
Monday 8:00 pm Parasha/Musar/Halacha by Yosef Melendez
Tuesday After Arvit Parasha with Moshe Chaim

All classes are held at Congregation Torah Vachesed, 5925 S. Braeswood Blvd.,
Houston, TX 77096 unless otherwise noted above